1. What is Omanat Marketing ?

Ans: Omanat Marketing is a direct selling company, provide Associates base business opportunity. It’s not a job, Associates here does not get salary.

2. How to join Omanat Marketing?

Ans: You can join Omanat Marketing with a reference, who is already an Associate of Omanat Marketing or by contacting the Omanat Marketing customer care.

3. What Steps to followed to become an Omanat Marketing Associate / Franchisee?

Ans: You must get registered with Omanat Marketing to become an Omanat Marketing Associate / Franchisee. Registration is Free, on successful completion of registration you will get transaction password along with your User ID and Password, to login and start your business activity.

4. Any Limitations to become an Omanat Marketing Associate / Franchisee?

Ans: Who ever completed 18 Years age and a Indian resident can join Omanat Marketing as an Associate / Franchisee, and also you need your Address Proof, PAN Card Number, ID Proof, Passport Size Photo & Bank Details proof.

5. What to do if I forgot my Login Id / Password?

Ans: You can retrive your password by giving your Registered User Id and Mobile number at Forgot Password area. If you forget your User Id then you need to send a mail to care@omanat.com, our consultants will help you after verifying the account.

6. How to order Omanat Marketing products?

Ans: You can login to Omanat Marketing account and there you can browse for the Product range and you can read the information regarding the products which you like. After complete satisfaction you can order them through the order form already available online in your account.

7. How to cancel my order?

Ans: Cancellation at Omanat Marketing is simple. You can send a cancellation request to care@omanat.com, your order get cancelled provided if the order has not been shipped.

8. Will I get my payment back on Cancellation?

Ans: Yes, if the order gets cancelled you can get your payment back in to your account.